Our team of competent and well trained and certified techncians continue to attend to service calls with a quick turnaround time so your facility functions smoothly and safely.

A dedicated group of technicians committed to being available for on site calls and preventive maintenance remain the backbone of our after sales team to ensure your equipment keeps running and you keep going stronger

Our skilled technicians provide periodic maintenance and software updates. As you would expect from an end-to-end service provider, AIBI’s Techs also return to the customer’s site to perform reverse logistics swapping out old equipment, recycling or refurbishing upon the end of the product lifecycle. This additional service extending well beyond installation shows the dedication and commitment we have to support our customers’ needs.


AIBI offers end-to-end total gym installation services. With our decades of experience in the sector, we have developed a reliable process to safely and efficiently provide gym equipment installations services. From fitness equipment delivery and assembly, to final removal or gym equipment relocation, every precaution is taken to ensure the project is completed safely.

Our delivery and installation personnel perform all the steps applicable to exercise equipment delivery and setup services, including all gym equipment installation at the customer’s site. Where requested, the assets can be pre-assembled within our warehouse to reduce time on site for installation


If you're looking to trade in gym machines we are able to help you. We offer a great trading service for used exercising apparatus to allow you to completely refurbish your facility. Trading in gym equipment is a great way to transform your facility at a lower cost than buying all new equipment. There are a number of different options when trading in gym equipment. The most common choices include trading your used machine for another second-hand machine and also part exchange.

If you are interested in finding out how to trade in gym machines, please contact our team using the contact options provided on this page. We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the necessary information which you may require.


To offer you a personalise service, we would like to meet you for an initial discussion so we get a grasp of your vision The more we understand about your plans, the better advice our gym design professionals can give you. We will talk to you about our business models, budget, gym equipment requirements and the overall look and feel of your gym facility.



After discussing your vision, one of our gym design professionals will start work on the 2d or 3D visuals of your gym facility. This is an important stage in gym design, because it highlights factors that you may not have taken into consideration. It also allows you to plan ahead at little to no cost, before the physical construction and set up of your gym with practical and innovative ideas to fully utilise the space.


At AIBI, the phrase second-hand gym equipment takes on a whole new meaning. We take the refurbishing and service aspects of the industry to another level, providing our customers with reliable and durable products they can trust. For over four decades, we have been offering trusted fitness equipment to companies and individuals. In that time, we have garnered a sterling reputation for our stellar process—a process through which our expert engineers and mechanics work their special blend of magic on every product we sell. The result is a line of affordable second-hand fitness products that operate just as efficiently and effectively as they did off the showroom floor.